Sep 2011

My footcare nurse has been looking after my feet since August of 2009. Before footcare treatment I had a painful ingrown toe nail on my great toe. It was difficult for me to trim my own toe nails due to arthritis. Now the pain is gone and I look forward to the treatment every month and only wish I had called S.I.N.F.A sooner.

John Mason, Captain (Retired), Royal Canadian Navy

10 Apr 2011

My husband is a 79 year old diabetic. The condition of his feet has always been a major concern, as we realized he needed more than just toe nail care. After contacting the Footcare Association we were referred to one of the Certified RN Footcare nurses in the organization.

Not only is this an in home service, which is such a convenience to those of us with foot and mobility issues, but the quality of care goes beyond the immediate issues and carries through into preventative measures.

I was so impressed with the quality of service provided him that I also became a client. I didn't think I needed too much care until the Nurse did an assessment and took care of issues I had and is guiding me on long term preventative care.

We both look forward to our in home appointments, not only for the sake of our feet, but also to communicate and enjoy the professional caring attitude and care given on a very personal level by our Foot Nurse.